Allsparkpower has steadily entered the Japanese market


Everything is revived and the spring is full. On February 28th, 2024, Allsparkpower energy storage products made their debut at Japan International Smart Energy Week. During the three-day exhibition, we will join hands with Japanese counterparts and global industry elites. Compared with the fierce competition environment in China, the Japanese market is in its infancy, which brings us unlimited opportunities and challenges.



In this exhibition, we worked closely with our partners to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultural characteristics and business rules of the Japanese market, so as to ensure that our products and services can better meet the needs of local consumers. We insist on taking customers as the center and steadily push forward the layout in the Japanese market.



At the exhibition, we introduced all-in-one products, Smart String Energy Storage System, outdoor cabinet energy storage products and industrial and commercial energy storage products to customers in detail. Our products have multi-scenario application solutions in the fields of energy storage and clean energy, which have been highly concerned and recognized by the participants.



It is worth mentioning that our outdoor cabinet energy storage products are highly anticipated at the exhibition. The features of this product include modular design, wide power range of single cabinet, grid-connected support function, two-way power conversion system, flexible configuration and built-in transformer. In addition, outdoor cabinet energy storage products also support photovoltaic access, providing users with more convenient and efficient clean energy solutions.


The core advantage of our company lies in self-research and self-production, which enables us to better grasp product quality and technological innovation. We always pay attention to the needs of end customers and constantly optimize products and services to meet the constant changes and development of the market.



This exhibition is an important step for us to enter the Japanese market. We will continue to study the local market in depth, strengthen communication and cooperation with our partners, and provide better products and services for Japanese consumers. In the future, we will continue to innovate in the fields of energy storage and clean energy, and bring more green and intelligent energy solutions to users around the world.



Thanks to all the friends who care about and support us, let's work together to contribute to the sustainable development of the green earth!