One Stop & Full Closed-Loop

One stop energy storage solution for intelligent operation in multiple application scenarios

Project Development

Solutions for wind and solar energy storage projects

Equipment Supply

Research and production of energy storage equipment

Operations And Maintenance

Operation and maintenance of wind and solar energy storage projects

Retrieve Materials

Energy storage battery recycling and reuse

Realizing A Sustainable Energy Future

Integrated solution for wind and solar energy storage

Photovoltaic Power Generation

Photovoltaic Power Generation

Wind Power Generation

Wind Power Generation

Energy Storage Business

Energy Storage Business

Off Grid Microgrid

Off grid power stations solve the problem of power failure in remote areas by adopting a renewable energy plus energy storage model. Off grid power stations include wind storage power generation, solar storage power generation, wind solar storage power generation, wind solar diesel storage power generation, and other solutions. We can provide island off grid energy storage products.

Independent operation and dynamic load balancing

Fuel saving and improving comprehensive energy efficiency

Off Grid Microgrid

Communication operator energy-saving, storage, and backup solutions

(Communication base station optical energy storage)

To meet the demand of the base station energy storage market, intelligent solutions for energy conservation, storage, and backup are adopted in technology. This means that the charging and discharging of energy storage equipment is achieved through an intelligent device control system, and the principle of peak shaving and valley filling is used to reduce the cost of base station electricity; By linking air conditioning control with energy storage, energy consumption can be reduced, energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved; Save the investment of UPS (backup power) and its operation and maintenance costs for operators, achieving the requirements of cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
Truly achieving the integration of zero investment, energy conservation, energy storage, backup power, carbon reduction, peak shaving and valley filling benefits for operators, and improving the comprehensive safety control of operators.

Off Grid Microgrid

Research And Production Of Energy Storage Equipment

Research And Production Of Energy Storage Equipment

· Customized evaluation of battery cells
· Battery selection evaluation
· Battery performance mining


· Parameter measurement
· Algorithm strategy
· Thermal management
· Fault diagnosis

Research And Production Of Energy Storage Equipment

· Bidirectional power conversion
· Power grid support services
· Peak reduction and load balancing


· Monitoring and Control
· Demand response
· Fault detection and diagnosis
· Battery Health Management

Customized Evaluation Of Battery Cells

Implement full element control of standards, processes, and results

Standard Control

· We provide battery cell technology standards for various application scenarios;
· The battery cell manufacturer strictly produces according to our requirements.

Process Control

· The quality control team is stationed at the factory to supervise the entire production process of battery cells;
· Full process digital traceability ensures the safety and reliability of battery cells.

Result Control

· Having one of the few domestically owned high standard laboratory testing and certification capabilities;
· Ensure the safety of battery cells from the source technology.

Off Grid Microgrid

Battery Performance Mining

Based on product requirements, improve testing and evaluation methods, explore battery characteristics, obtain accurate and reliable design parameters, and combine years of engineering application experience to develop control strategies that meet customer needs.

Off Grid Microgrid

Battery Selection Evaluation

Establish a battery life value evaluation system, conduct in-depth battery selection value evaluation for different application scenarios, covering basic physical, electrochemical performance, lifespan, and safety aspects.

16 %

Basic Abilities

· Appearance
· Weight
· Size
· Static voltage

32 %

Consistency Testing

· Discharge capacity/heat
· Charge discharge standard deviation coefficient/energy efficiency/density
· Polarization voltage/internal resistance range coefficient

32 %

Life Testing

· High temperature calendar test
· Rapid Life Assessment Test

20 %

Security Testing

· Overcharging
· Short circuit
· Acupuncture
· Thermal runaway

Excellent Temperature Control

Adapt to all-weather temperature tests across all regions


Excellent temperature control, suitable for all weather and regional temperature tests

· Good reliability and load-bearing capacity
· Good surface smoothness and good heat exchange effect
· Reduce the design of supporting structural components
· Reduce weight and overall costs


System Cooling Technology

· Refrigeration and heating functions
· Leakage detection function
· Fluid simulation technology
· Thermal simulation technology
· New Cold Plate Technology

Having multiple original technologies and intellectual property rights in the BMS field

· Parameter measurement — precise sampling

· Algorithm Strategy — SOC SOH precise prediction

· Thermal management — intelligent liquid cooling, low consumption, long service life

· Fault diagnosis — self inspection, self diagnosis, self recovery

· Security protection — multiple protection against threshold and change threshold

· Big data — real-time synchronized cell level monitoring

· Chips and wireless communication

Supported By Three-Layer Fire Protection Technology

The level far exceeds that of similar products


Lithium iron phosphate battery cells with strict selection and active warning matching


Module level fire protection and composite detection, explosion-proof pressure relief, BMS high-precision management


Fire linkage and explosion-proof pressure relief, module/cluster level fire control, perfluorohexane+water fire protection

Supported By Three-Layer Fire Protection Technology

Strictly Control Delivery Quality

The strictest process testing and third-party certification in the industry

Energy Storage System Testing

· Based on the requirements of national and enterprise standards, more than ten categories and 176 manufacturing process inspections, including electrical thermal mechanical performance, component function, and safety performance, are carried out to ensure system safety, stability, and reliability.

· Complete a comprehensive testing process for the entire system before leaving the factory to ensure product quality and reduce on-site debugging time.

System Factory Testing And Inspection

· System communication testing

· System charging and discharging test

· System protection testing

· System insulation and voltage withstand test

· System Rain Test

· System failure and recovery testing

· Air tightness test

Intelligent power station operation and maintenance, AI brain

Data Visualization

· Distribution of power stations

· Power station status

· Electricity generation statistics

· Revenue statistics

· Real time warning

· Accurate positioning

· Trend prediction

· Diagnostic analysis

· Data analysis

Intelligent Device Management

· Equipment status detection
· Online intelligent scheduling

Warning And Solutions

· Detecting Hidden Dangers

Accurate alarm location and cause can quickly identify all power plant issues.

· Electricity Consumption Must Be Contested

The power station team timely repairs and improves maintenance efficiency.

Intelligent power station operation and maintenance, AI brain

Energy Storage Battery Recycling And Reuse

After the power station reaches its operational lifespan, the batteries are recycled and regenerated to achieve a closed loop of the entire industry chain, achieving true green environmental protection.

Residual Value Evaluation

· State of Health (SOH) assessment
· Remaining useful life (RUL) prediction
· Economic value assessment
· Cost assessment of recycling and remanufacturing

Fine Dismantling

· Separate independent materials such as positive and negative electrode plates and shells through special equipment.

Cascade Utilization

·High power applications: low-speed vehicles, special vehicles
·Medium power applications: backup power sources, industrial equipment, etc
·Low power applications: portable devices, small electronic devices, lighting, etc

Upgrade Regeneration

· Through various environmentally friendly processes, controllable positive and negative electrode materials are obtained, and advanced technology is used again to make the materials directly usable.