Centered on independent research and development of energy storage systems, we provide all-in-one solutions incuding investment, operation, EPC, smart running and maintenance under multiple application scenarios.

PV and Storage

Realize coordinated planning, optimized operation, collaborative management, interactive response, and complementarity among multiple heterogeneous energy subsystems. A new integrated energy system that effectively improves energy utilization efficiency and promotes sustainable energy development while meeting diversified energy demand within the system.

PV Storage and Charging

Vigorously developing new energy, including wind and solar energy, is an important measure to implement the new concept of green development. Through scientific and rigorous theoretical and empirical research, the causes and influencing factors of new energy consumption problems have been analyzed. Based on this, countermeasures and policy recommendations to promote sustainable development of new energy have been proposed. This has strong practical significance for realizing China's energy development strategy and promoting the energy revolution.

Wind and Storage Energy

It is a measure to adjust the electricity load. Reasonably and systematically arrange and organize the electricity consumption time of various users based on their electricity consumption patterns. To reduce peak loads and fill in low loads. Reduce the peak valley load difference of the power grid, so that power generation and consumption tend to be balanced.


The average power value measured during the demand period within a specified time period is called electrical energy demand. The maximum average power measured within a certain period of time is called the maximum demand for electrical energy.

Independent power station

When the power grid cannot guarantee power supply or there are special conditions, self owned small power plants will also be used as the main power source or supplementary power source; In many cases, diesel generator sets and battery energy storage devices are also installed as backup and emergency power sources.