2023 Hannover Industrial Exhibition in Germany



Hannover MESSE is the "barometer" of world industrial trade! Wind vane of global industrial technology development.Energy efficiency is the main focus of the exhibition in the energy exhibition hall, and the contents of the exhibition are directly related to climate protection. The focus of the exhibition includes decentralized management, intelligent energy system and infrastructure solutions developed to achieve future environment-friendly development.



Energy exhibition: energy supply: hydropower equipment, thermal power equipment, wind power equipment, solar equipment, offshore equipment; Bio-energy power generation technology, nuclear energy technology, power stations, and various hybrid energy power generation equipment; Small and portable power generation equipment; DC generator, AC generator, various new energy conversion equipment; Energy transmission and distribution; Power grid system, power station system, substation equipment, transformer, ultra-high voltage power transmission equipment, cable, insulator, insulating material, instrument transformer, power converter, power capacitor lightning arrester, grounding resistance, reactor; Power distribution and control equipment, switchgear, high-voltage switch, high-voltage circuit breaker, low-voltage circuit breaker; Fuel cell and other new energy storage; Development and utilization of traditional energy: oil, gas, coal and other traditional energy conversion, efficiency improvement, carbon dioxide emission reduction technology and waste treatment; Renewable energy: solar energy, natural gas, biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy related equipment, technology development and services.



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