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【future, it is unstoppable】Guangdong Electric General Energy Co., Ltd. 2018 work summary and 2019 work planning management meeting

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On January 12, 2019, Guangdong Boltpower Energy Co.,Ltd 2018 work summary and 2019 work planning meeting was held in the Electric General Business School. Liao Yuefei, President of Boltpower Group, Marketing Center, R&D Center, Dongguan Manufacturing Center, Finance Department, Personnel Administration Department and other departments attended the meeting.


Business Manager, Brand Manager, Overseas Sales Center Director, Domestic Marketing Center Manager, Purchasing Manager, PMC Manager, System Manager, Quality Manager, Engineering Manager, Production Manager, Vice President of Supply Chain Center, Director of R&D The manager of the finance department, the manager of the personnel department, the manager of the administrative department, and the director of the human resources successively took the stage to report the work performance of the department in the past year and the planned and required support projects in 2019 in the form of PPT.

  • Manufacturing Center: With detailed management methods, we will continue to improve quality, dispose of inventory, ensure the order delivery rate, and improve operational performance. The engineering department, quality department, production department, purchasing department, and marketing center regularly provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  • R&D department: According to the company's product innovation and product differentiation, the product leading strategy ensures the project completion rate, and the old product performance upgrade and product iteration.

  • Emily, Director of Overseas Marketing Center with more than ten years of experience in overseas market management and consumer electronics brand operation: In 2019, I deeply cultivated the top 500 customers in the world and the top five customers in the industry and regional large customers, and made precise efforts.

  • Mr. Yuan, the domestic business Dept Manager: We must adhere to the customer system of value recognition and recognition of the same frequency, coordinate the development of online and offline, and do a good job of deepening customers, leading the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

  • Finance Manager: In the new year, strengthen the cost accounting and management, capital preparation and supervision functions of the department, provide accurate and effective financial information for the company's business decision-making, and protect the company's healthy development.

  • According to the director of the Personnel Administration Department, according to the 2018 manpower data, the company's employees under the age of 35 are more than 70%. As a team with more vitality and more creative thinking and ideas, it will inject a steady stream of motivation for the company's development.

A group of people, one thing, one heart!

Li Zhiqin, general manager of the marketing center, emphasized the value system guiding action plan. In 2019, we promoted and built the community of the fate of the Boltpower. The marketing center will build a team with warm,enthusiastic service attitude, professional knowledge, on the basis of  "9 sticks "and 4 "self-confidences"  to get a great future.


The meeting was near noon, and Liao Yuefei, president of the Boltpower Group, made a concluding speech. Everyone stood at the starting point of 2019 to examine the work of the past year.For Boltpower, 2018, it was the year with small successful, and we will keep going on!

QDSP technology first in the industry: through the cell / assembly structure subversive innovation, reduce the starting temperature rise, balance the cell temperature difference, start performance increased by 3-5 times.

Hunan base officially put into operation: the total investment of 2.78 billion yuan of annual production of 1.2 billion Ah high-power high-security aluminum-rich lithium battery industrialization base is the strategic project of the Boltpower group to build a global emergency energy storage manufacturing base. With this base, we will can serve more world-class customers.


Aluminum-rich lithium battery shocked the industry: This technology solves the problem of low power, low temperature, safety and cost of existing lithium battery products. After a series of tests such as heavy impact, extrusion, drop, and acupuncture, the battery does not ignite or explode. More suitable for harsh environments.


At the same time, Mr.Liao always emphasized that in 2019, Boltpower were in the deep waters of reform. We will take greater strategic courage and wisdom and take the opportunity to promote the reform of the management system. Determined to build an industry aircraft carrier, become the leader in the development of new energy fields, and build a solid foundation for  the great development and achievement of the year  of 2020 and in 2021.

The industry has been surging, Boltpower, unstoppable!

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