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The Road of New energy: The Deputy mayor of Fuxin city, Liaoning Province investigated the Boltpower.

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On August 3, Liaoning Fuxin city Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping visited Boltpower, Fuxin City Taiping District Committee Secretary Sun Ou accompanied by a party of research,Bolypower chairman Liu Yankai led the group's senior warm reception.

Accompanied by Chairman Liu Yankai, Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping successively investigated Shenzhen Boltpower Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Boltpower Energy Co., Ltd. under the Boltpower Group, and visited the headquarters of Boltpower Group's New Solar City.


Chairman assistant Liu Hongzhi introduced military power supply to Deputy Mayor Lai

Deputy mayor Lai Huaping first investigated Shenzhen Boltpower, chairman assistant Liu Hongzhi seriously introduced the development of the company to Deputy Mayor Lai, and mainly introduced the military power series products.

Mr. Lai Huaping, the Deputy Mayor, praised the Boltpower for his excellent technology and products.


Deputy Mayor Lai visited guangdong Boltpower manufacturing base

Later, Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping came to Guangdong Boltpower manufacturing base for investigation.

Li Zhiqin, general manager of Guangdong Boltpower reported to Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping the company's new technology and market achievements, and introduced in detail to Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping the automobile jump starter, portable energy storage products.


Li Zhiqin, general manager of Guangdong Boltpower, introduced energy storage products to Deputy Mayor Lai

After listening to General Manager Li's report, Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping was very interested in the energy storage products that could be used as "car charger", and said that the automobile jump starter and portable energy storage products would greatly facilitate the life of people in northeast China.

Finally, Deputy mayor Lai Huaping and came to Boltpower group headquarters research, Boltpowerl group President Liao Yuefei is responsible for the reception.During the investigation, Chairman Liu Yankai introduced the current strategic layout of Boltpower group to Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping.


Deputy Mayor Lai had a deep discussion with chairman Liu Yankai

Deputy Mayor Lai Huaping said to chairman Liu Yankai, very hope Boltpower to increase efforts to participate in the green national strategic plan, participate in the revitalization of the northeast industrial base construction, we need more Boltpower group such well-known enterprises to help Fuxin city speed up economic development, improve the quality of life of the people!


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