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Hunan Electric General Officially put into production today!

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Loudi New Energy Power Battery and Energy Storage Power Industry Add a Strong Company

According to Hunan Daily, June 27, 2018 (Reporter Zhang Fufang correspondent Yang Xinbing Chen Daibing) This morning, Hunan Boltpower New Energy Co.,Ltd put into production ceremony and the new technology conference for aluminum-rich lithium battery in Loudi Economic and Technological Development Zone Energy Power Battery and Energy Storage Power Industry Park was held. On the same day, the first lithium battery production line with an annual output of 100 million watt hours was completed and put into production in the first phase of Boltpower. The new technology of aluminum-rich lithium battery, known as “black technology”, was officially launched.



Hunan Boltpower New Energy Co.,Ltd Putting into Production Ceremony and New Aluminum Lithium Battery Release Conference

The new aluminum-rich lithium battery technology jointly developed by the Chen Libao team of Central South University and the Hunan Boltpower is the application technology at the forefront of the global new energy field. The technology solves the problems of low power and low temperature resistance of the existing lithium battery products, and can achieve normal stable charging and discharging at minus 50 degrees Celsius, and is an advanced intelligent energy storage product with high power, high safety and high cost performance. At the scene of the event, Hunan Boltpower also signed a contract with the merchants for 1.13 billion yuan.


According to reports, Hunan Boltpower New Energy Co.,Ltd is a global emergency energy storage power supply manufacturing base invested by the Boltpower Group with an investment of 2.78 billion yuan. It is an outstanding achievement of the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, "introducing the fellow-townsman, returning hometown, and building a hometown." Provincial key project construction projects.

At present, "Boltpower" has more than 200 invention patents and utility model technologies, and has 7 companies in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Hunan and other places, forming "raw materials, templates, technology, products, ideas, brands, international marketing". The complete chain, the product occupies half of the international market of the same type of products, sales exceeded 900 million yuan  in 2015.

The base in Loudi is fully completed in 2021. After it is put into production, it will have 17 fully automated production lines such as emergency start power supply, home smart energy storage power supply and PACK, with an annual output of 1.2 billion watt-hours of high-power and high-safety aluminum-rich lithium batteries. It will reach 12 billion yuan and solve more than 3,000 jobs.


Hunan Boltpower Production Base Automation Workshop

Since last year (2015), the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always adhered to the "Project Competition" and "Industrial Project Construction Year" activities as a starting point, firmly grasping the opportunities for the development of new energy industries in the country and the province, and accelerating the development of new energy power batteries and The energy storage power industry wants to build a new energy production base in the central region. At present, the industrial park has gathered 19 new energy key enterprises such as Hunan Sanxun, Andias and Hunan Boltpower. According to the plan, within 10 years, the industrial park is expected to become the largest new energy power battery and energy storage power production base in the central region of China, and become a “50 billion class” characteristic industrial park.

Boltpower specialized in developing and manufacturing Emergency(special) power supply and intelligent energy storage power supply. 



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