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Hunan Boltpower Carrying Out The 119 Fire Propaganda Month In 2020

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1Fire Safety

In order to popularize fire safety knowledge, spread the concept of fire safety, improve the company's fire safety awareness and fire prevention, fire fighting and escape skills, strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers at all levels of fire accidents, effectively prevent fire accidents, and ensure the company's safe and stable development. Hunan Boltpower organized all employees to conduct an emergency evacuation and fire fighting exercise on the morning of November 30, 2020.

At the end of September, the safety committee of the company began to plan this event, elaborated the exercise planning plan, and carried out a thorough review of the organization, arrangement and content of the "119 Fire Fighting Publicity Month" event.


2 Carry Out Special Training To Improve Fire Protection Knowledge

On the morning of November 12th, the company invited the fire instructor of Hunan Pu'an Fire Service Center to conduct "Fire Safety Education and Training" for all management personnel. Instructor Liu carried out the popularization of fire protection theory knowledge, knowledge of laws and regulations and practical training of fire equipment. Improved everyone's awareness of fire protection.


03 Watch The Fire Warning Video To Improve Safety Awareness

During November, The Company’s Safety Committee Organized More Than A Dozen Batches Of Video Activities To Watch Fire Safety Warnings. The Cases Were Real And The Videos Were Shocking, Which Greatly Improved Everyone’s Awareness Of Fire Protection.


04 Carry Out Drills To Improve Emergency Evacuation Capabilities

On The Morning Of November 30th, The Company Organized An Emergency Evacuation Drill To Enable Employees To Master The Basic Skills And Methods Of Self-Rescue On Fire. The Drills Are Close To Actual Combat And Focus On Actual Results.


05 Fire-Fighting Practice Drills To Improve Fire-Fighting Capabilities


On the morning of November 30th, the company organized all employees to carry out fire-fighting exercises, volunteered the fire brigade to conduct fire-fighting demonstrations, and employees enthusiastically went forward for fire-fighting experience.

Through a series of activities such as fire protection propaganda, special fire protection training, watching warning videos, fire hazard investigation and management, and fire emergency drills in November, a corporate culture of everyone paying attention to fire safety and everyone paying attention to fire safety has been created throughout the company Atmosphere, the correct concept of fire safety has been established, the fire safety awareness and fire safety awareness of all employees have been strengthened, and the ability of all employees to escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue in the event of a fire has been improved, so that employees pay attention to fire safety in their minds and act To implement fire safety, we always maintain a heart of danger in times of peace, zero tolerance for the company’s fire safety hazards, joint management and strict management, to ensure that the company’s production is carried out in a stable and orderly manner, creating good conditions.


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