The Process Flow
Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the cell used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation.
Our expert team begins by understanding your specific requirements and objectives. We engage in detailed discussions to assess your energy needs, project scope, and any unique considerations.
System Design
Using the gathered information, we design a tailored Battery Energy Storage System that aligns with your requirements. Our team integrates advanced technologies, optimizing system capacity, scalability, and compatibility with renewable energy sources.
Proposal and Customization
Based on the system design, we provide you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the proposed solution, including technical specifications, cost estimates, and project timelines. We work closely with you to accommodate any customizations or specific preferences.
Equipment Procurement
Once the proposal is approved, we initiate the procurement process for high-quality components and equipment required for your Battery Energy Storage System. Our extensive network of suppliers ensures timely delivery and reliable products.
Testing and Commissioning
We conduct thorough testing and commissioning procedures to ensure the functionality and performance of your Battery Energy Storage System. This step includes performance optimization, system calibration, and rigorous quality checks.
Training and Handover
As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive training to your team on the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of the Battery Energy Storage System. We ensure you have the necessary knowledge and tools to maximize its benefits.
Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Our relationship does not end with project completion. We offer ongoing technical support, regular maintenance services, and system monitoring to ensure the continued efficiency and longevity of your Battery Energy Storage System.
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a rechargeable battery that can store energy from different sources and discharge it when needed. BESS consist of one or more batteries and can be used to balance the electric grid, provide backup power and improve grid stability. The battery energy storage system’s (BESS) essential function is to capture the energy from different sources and store it in rechargeable batteries for later use. Often combined with renewable energy sources to accumulate the renewable energy during an off-peak time and then use the energy when needed at peak time.
    • The costs of battery ESS has declined making these systems more economical.
    • Onsite renewables help to move away from total grid dependence.
    • Environmental benefits of moving away from fossil fuel power sources.


    • Battery – stores electrical energy in DC.
    • Battery management system (BMS) – The BMS ensures and keeps track of the performance of the battery cells, system parameters and potential hazards. The BMS data is used to monitor and maintain an optimum level of charge.
    • Power conditioning system (PCS) – The PCS is designed to convert the direct current produced by batteries, or the battery system, into alternating current that can be used for power consumption on the grid. During off-peak time, the PCS takes the energy from the grid to store in the ESS. The PCS’s main function is to convert the power between the energy storage system and the grid, and vice versa.
    • Power Monitoring System (PMS) – The PMS monitors and estimates power consumption. It manages system history and versions. The terms PMS and microgrid controller are sometimes used interchangeably. Allsparkpower refers to the PMS as the supervisory unit. It’s like the navigator but it doesn’t directly control the equipment. An EMS or microgrid controller directly controls equipment. When Allsparkpower’s PMS is used in conjunction with an EMS, the PMS sends a command to the EMS to charge/discharge. Some microgrid controllers do both.
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