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Energy storage battery packaging: square, cylindrical and soft package

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The global energy storage market is in a period of vigorous growth and rapid development. Against this background, more and more battery companies have begun to develop battery products that match the needs of energy storage.

Energy storage batteries are moving towards lower electricity costs, longer cycle life, higher safety standards, exclusive and independent product design, or will face an inflection point in reshaping the industry structure.

For energy storage battery manufacturers, the selection of technical routes, planning of manufacturing production lines, and layout of market channels are all very important decision points in this race.

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Energy storage battery packaging: square, cylindrical and soft package

The packaging and manufacturing of energy storage cells is similar to that of power batteries, mainly in three forms: square, cylindrical and soft. The essence of the development trend of battery packaging technology is to increase the upper limit of battery energy density under the premise of ensuring safety.

That is to use the supporting function of the cell shell to reduce the use of module structural parts and increase the energy density of the battery pack. The support of the pouch case is weak, so square and cylindrical batteries are more suitable for structural innovation in the medium term.

At present, electric energy storage accounts for more than 70% of the overall market share. It is applied on the power generation side, power grid side, and industrial and commercial side. Mainly square and cylindrical.

Square batteries first started from commercial vehicles and were later promoted in the field of energy storage. The capacity of a square battery cell is relatively flexible, so it can be used in various energy storage scenarios. Cylindrical cells and pouch cells have relatively limited capacity, so they are mainly used in household energy storage and portable energy storage markets.

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