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Boltpower Marketing Center 2018 Annual Summary Meeting and December Awards Meeting

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On the morning of January 11, 2019, the Boltpower Group Marketing Center 2018 Annual Summary Meeting and the December Awards Meeting were held at the Boltpower Business School. Boltpower Group President Liao Yuefei, Marketing Center General Manager Li Zhiqin, Overseas Sales Center Director Emily, Hunan Changsha Office, Domestic Sales Department, Ministry of Commerce, Brand Department and other department heads, marketing elites gathered together to sum up the achievements in 2018, to plan the goals of 2019 . And award honors for the annual top sellers of 2018 also.


Moderator Jacky advocates the spirit of the conference: "telling the truth, being a real person, seeking truth and being pragmatic, dare to promise, dare to take responsibility, and lead by example." In the awarding session, Manager Wang of the Ministry of Commerce announced that in December 2018, the sales champion, first runner-up and second runner-up, awarded trophies, pennants and bonuses - brothers, good!


2019, let's make persistent efforts!

Mr. Liao Beiwang, Assistant to the President, the appointment of personnel, the director, the manager, and the appointment of personnel - this is both an honor and a responsibility and responsibility.


Looking back on the past year, we have united our hearts and struggles to overcome the impact of the Sino-US trade war on the market. We have achieved great success and completed various sales targets for 2018. An elaborate PPT reviews the bits and pieces of the marketing center's family in 2018. We smile and occasionally fell into thinking.

Starting at 2019, we will develop and innovate, keep pace with the times, and write a new chapter.

Boltpower Marketing Center Energy Storage Division, Domestic Sales Department, Changsha Office, Brand Department, Ministry of Commerce, Overseas Sales Center and other department heads successively took the 2018 annual work summary report and 2019 plan.

Then, the Boltpower family reviewed the moment when New China was founded on October 1, 1949. Great men leave precious treasures for the people.

Li Zhiqin, general manager of the marketing center, said: "Thank you for telling the truth, there will definitely be something essential on the back of the number." The plan of action for the next three years is planned: 9 sticks + 4 confidence = 1 goal.

1. Adhere to the promotion and construction of the Boltpower Destiny Community (users, vendors, suppliers, employees, companies, society)

2. Adhere to the fast, accurate and embarrassing corporate culture

3. adhere to meet or even exceed customer needs as the center

4. Adhere to the customer system of value recognition and cognitive frequency

5. adhere to product innovation and product differentiation leading products

6. Adhere to the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic and daring to take responsibility

7. Adhere to standardized and transparent operation methods

8. Adhere to the comprehensive optimization process and the working methods of the day and day.

9. Stick to the smile to face the people who create value for you.

Four self-confidence: strategic self-confidence, platform confidence, product confidence, choice of confidence

One goal: to create a team with temperature, thickness and height!


And signed the "2019 Sales Target Responsibility Letter" with the heads of various departments.

Finally, Mr. Liao Yuefei, the president, affirmed the contribution of the team in 2018. In the past year, he completed the functions of R&D, marketing, finance, manufacturing, personnel administration, and the six centers of the Bottom Base. In 2019, I hope to gather the wisdom and passion of everyone and achieve the company's strategic goals.


The company distributes small gifts for every family in the marketing center and prepares a sumptuous lunch banquet. In a piece of harmony, the Boltpower Group Marketing Center 2018 Annual Summary Meeting and the December Awards Meeting were successfully concluded.


2019, Boltpower people , we will face the morning sun, join hands to start again!

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