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20 Feet BESS Container


·Distributed ESS
·Wind power/solar Power
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20 Feet BESS Container layout


Features and functions:

High Yield

Advanced three-level technology, max. efficiency 99% effective forced air cooling, 1.1 overload capacity, no up to 55°C,various charge and discharge mode, fiexible for battery configuration.

Easy O&M

Integrated current & voltage monitoring function for online analysis and fast trouble shooting

Modular design and all components front accessible, easy for maintenance,

Integrated auxiliary power supply panels for external devices

ESS Applications

Typical applations: peak shaving,energy shifting,frequency regulation,capacity firming Bidirectional power conversion system with full four- quadrant operation

Battery charge & dis-charge management , black start function and VSG integrated

Grid Support

Compliance with  IEC 61727, IEC 62116, SGSF Dynamic grid voltage and frequency support L/HVRT, L/HFRT, soft start/stop, specified power factor control and reactive power support


We can provide:

1. All in One integrated design ESS:

Capacity from 3.6kwh to 20kwh basic model. If want larger just parallel. It doesn’t need inverter or other parts anymore, our product built-in all already.

2. Separated solar power storage system from 3.5kwh to 54kwh.

3. Single Battery packs: basic model 2.4kwh/3.6kwh/4.8kwh each pack.

4. EPC solar storage project whole solution,from 20kwh-20mwh.

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